Depression in Men: Signs and Symptoms – When Men Become Boys

Depression in Men Signs and Symptoms – When Men Become Boys
Depression in Men Signs and Symptoms – When Men Become Boys

For a long period, it was believed that men are not prone to depression. Only women are at high risk to develop depression. But scientists in the field of medicine and psychology have proved due to numerous researches that depression in men is not uncommon.

Symptoms of depression in men

The development of depression and its symptoms are similar to what we may observe in women. But some differences can be noticed.

So, the common symptoms of depression in men:

  • The feeling of constant fatigue: movements are slow, the speed of speech changes.
  • Sleepiness or insomnia. Even a long sleep doesn’t restore energy.
  • Weight loss or gain. Changes in body weight of more than 5% may signify depression.
  • young attractive man looking through window looking worried depressed thoughtful and lonely suffering depression in work pressure or personal problems concept with copy spaceBowel problems: constipation or diarrhea.
  • Headaches plus back and neck pains.
  • Irritability, they can’t control their emotions and actions.
  • Absentmindedness, inability to focus.
  • Aggression, anger because the depressed man is not able to achieve good results in any activity.
  • Stress.
  • Increased anxiety.
  • Harmful habits. Most often, men tend to escape from problems with the help of alcohol or drugs.
  • Sexual problems. Depressive disorders may lead to erectile dysfunction. Men try to hide such difficulties as impotence and decreased sexual desire, this fact makes the situation worse.
  • Suicidal thoughts and attempts in most serious cases. However, men are less likely than women to take this step, but according to statistics, deaths in men take place more often.

We deal with depression If at least one of the symptoms lasts for more than two weeks.

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Causes of depression in men

Depression is the body’s response to external factors, which are stressful and cause negative emotions.

Serious changes in the habitual way of living usually lead to depression.

There are major factors which resulting in the development of depression:

  • Social factors: no success at work, problems at work, serious mistakes in business, loss of a job, financial problems, failure in building personal life, family troubles, retirement;
  • Hormone imbalance: hypothalamus and thyroid dysfunctions, increased production of adrenal hormones, reduced level of testosterone;
  • Brain damages.

It is important to mention causes based on emotions and feelings. They trigger depression in most cases.

Typical cases triggering the development of depression are:

DivorceDivorce. It leaves scars in men as well. Some look for new partners for sexual relations, others hit the bottle. For some, divorce leads to a state of confusion. Family life with its habitual way ends and there is only uncertainty. The depressed condition leads to sleep disturbance, loss of appetite and headaches.

Middle age crisis. Many men could hardly overcome the threshold of the 40th anniversary. During this period, they tend to consider all the achievements for the past years, and not every man is satisfied with the results. In this case, depression can lead to unpleasant consequences.

Depression after childbirth. Men tend to experience postpartum depression. A favorite woman doesn’t devote all her time to her husband. Now she is a mother. The man is not always able to assess the situation adequately, so cheating and divorce are common during this period.

The spectrum of causes is quite diverse and depends on the specific situation. In any case, knowing the causes it will be easier deal with depression.

How long does depression last in men?

Businessman in depression with hand on foreheadDuration of depression in men depends on the severity of the condition.

A mild form of depression may last up to nine months. In most cases, the male is able to cope with it on his own.  However, seeing a doctor and taking medication can significantly shorten this period.

A dysthymic form of depression can last for the rest of man’s life. If this condition is associated with a particular situation, such as loss of a job, depression usually goes away after finding a new job.

How to beat depression?

The major methods of beating depression:

Self-help is possible if it is a mild form of depression. You should take into consideration the recommendations of specialists:

  • intervention-crisis-addictionAccept the presence of depression;
  • Find out the root cause which triggered the development of depression;
  • Organize your day focusing on the things that cause pleasant emotions;
  • Regular physical exercises;
  • Avoid making serious decisions;
  • Healthy food and balanced diet;
  • Sleep as much as you need;
  • Keep up the regime “work and rest”, change mental activity by physical and vice versa.

Depression is called the disease of this century. Everyone may develop it. The modern world is fast and aggressive. It is impossible to do everything and give a universal advice for all occasions of life. But everyone is capable of making his life pleasant and full of positive moments!










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