Depression and Anxiety: Do I Have Both?

Depression and Anxiety: Do I Have Both?
Depression and Anxiety: Do I Have Both?

Depression and anxiety are two closely interconnected concepts, and often do not exist without one another. Anxiety is a significant symptom of depression. Anxiety is characterized by increased worry and fear. Anxiety may be temporary, caused by a certain situation, and permanent, as a personal feature of a man. Anxiety as a feature arises as a personal response to a threat that provokes temporary emotional exhaustion, psychosomatic diseases self-dissatisfaction.

The terms depression and anxiety are often used in medicine and in everyday speech. In everyday life, we also often use an expression the depressed person. This refers to those people who are strongly prone to depression and anxiety. Scientists admit there is the hereditary predisposition to milder forms of depression and anxiety.

anxiety disorderThe concepts depression and anxiety are inseparable and currently there are no laboratory and instrumental methods that allow diagnosing them. Scientific researches suggest that depression is accompanied by the high level of cortisol in the blood plasma and, anxiety is increased by blood flow in the forearm vessels. However, the practical significance of all these indicators is so small, and the proper psychometric examination involves a lot of time. Standardized questionnaire surveys are very helpful in such situations but in order to really understand the patient you need to talk to him.

If there is a suspicion of mental disorder it is necessary to ask the relatives of the patient about the peculiarities of his life.

It is also important to consider that the symptoms of depression and anxiety are changed with time. The symptoms of depression that were diagnosed early, may be changed and become the classic signs of anxiety disorder.
Depression and anxiety often accompanied by delirium. Anxious depression includes ideas of self- accusation and just accusation. The depressed people are sure that their children will pay for all the crimes committed by them. This delirium is not the primary symptom of depression and anxiety; it is determined by the level of anxiety that varies throughout the period of the disease.

Depression and anxiety in older persons concentrate on personality changes that are typical for old age. As a result, there is a feeling of insecurity, helplessness and hopelessness.

Elderly people fear of the future and feel constant anxiety.

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Depression and anxiety plus fear

anxietyIt is well-known fact that depression is characterized not only with anxiety but with fear. If anxiety is a situational reaction, then fear is the norm for every person when there is an emotional response to the danger. A person, suffering from depression, has fear for the consequences of his actions. It is difficult for a person to completely get rid of or ignore the feelings of fear.

Fear is the strongest factor that doesn’t let a person be free and achieve success in life. The feeling of fear enables people to make strategic decisions quickly. Defeating fear, people get the new opportunities and life is perceived differently, the world becomes brighter.

Treatment for depression and anxiety

The following tips, according to experts, will help you, successfully cope with depression and anxiety and come out of it.

  • anxiety-symptoms-panic-disordersWe need to find the reason for your depressed state and try to eliminate it. This can be tedious work, bad relationships with family, even dissatisfaction with your weight and appearance, and so on. Write down on a piece of paper all your dreams and desires, mark the ones that you have achieved, and those that you have not reached, and write the reasons why you didn’t achieve these goals. Thus, it will be easier to find the cause of your depressed state. And you need to eliminate this reason. For example, if you are concerned about work, then just change it, find a more interesting team, and even if it is necessary, change the direction of your activities.
  • Find a fascinating thing, think of a hobby. Do needlework, collecting, and so on. It will help you to distract from bad thoughts, from the problems of everyday routine.
  • Change your attitude to events and people. If you can not change a situation and people (their character, their opinion). Then just change your attitude to the circumstances around you. It may be difficult, but your mental condition and health is more expensive!
  • Treatment for anxiety Stop to chat with negative people and throw out negative thoughts of your head. There is a category of people who just love to live in negativity, they always feel bad, and the whole world is against them. Avoid such people. And do not discuss their problems with friends. Every time you’re talking about the problems, negative thoughts come to you that leads to depression.
  • Find support. Perhaps you have a friend or relative who will be able to give a positive and necessary advice, not just to discuss your concerns and complain about poorly developed life.
  • Begin to do sports. The most available cure for depression and anxiety is to do sport. Many studies show that physical exercise gives positive results in reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety. Exercise not only helps to be healthy but also to escape from everyday life. In fact, after a few hours training in the gym, you will not think about all sorts of troubles. Physical exercises help to be motivated and interested in the process of recovery.
  • Develop as a person. In spite of setbacks, always keep moving forward. Self-develop, read books, go to training seminars, exhibitions, start to chat with new people.
  • Start a new active life, so that any unwanted situation could not prevent you from moving forward.
  • You needn’t be ashamed of your condition because it is the same disease as any other. Remember that depression does not destroy the mind and human intelligence; it simply does not allow him to live fully, and can lead even to suicide.

If you suffer from depression or anxiety, and it does not pass away for a long time, do not worry, nothing bad has happened to you.

Fortunately, we live in a time when the level of medicine in the field of psycho-emotional disorders is very high and helps fight depression, not allowing it to turn into a “black dog” and spoil our whole life.










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